Certificate Programme in Disaster Management   

Methodology & Assessment

The programme includes online course work together with supervised and graded field internship.

The programme has been designed to recreate a classroom learning environment in an online format. Students will be able to engage fully with the programme content and with their peers, via lectures, discussion boards, group work, online chat, question and answer sessions with the tutor and through the provision of peer to peer feedback and assessment. For successful completion of the course, it is mandatory to participate in all the course activities which would be assessed by the concerned course faculty.

The course will however require strong commitment from the participant and they are expected to devote approximately 8-10 hours online per week for their study.

Language of Instruction

The medium of instruction will be English. Applicants whose first language is not English a clear statement from the employer (via their reference) will be accepted as evidence of the applicant’s having an appropriate standard of English Language. Among other things, this statement must confirm that the applicant's job has involved working substantially through the medium of English.