Certificate Programme in Disaster Management   

Module 2: Humanitarian Principles, Laws and Standards for Disaster Risk Reduction
2 Credits

The module will introduce key concepts of global standards and humanitarian principles in the context of emerging global challenges vis-a-vis disaster management. While addressing disasters at the national or international level, we need to have a better understanding of humanitarian principles and values and the standards governing global practices. The module aims are to provide the foundation of key terminologies and explore the key issues associated with it. The module covers a wide range of legal provisions and standards which form the framework on which protection of disaster affected population is based on while introducing key legal instruments like the IDRL Guidelines. Drawing from the legacy of traditional domains of International Law, the module will explore the nature of protection extended to refugees, IDPs at the global level. With climate change playing a crucial role in disaster studies, a background on fundamental principles and key international policies on environment will be examined. The module covers the nature of work undertaken by key actors in the humanitarian space like the United Nations and its subsidiary organs (WHO) to provide an overview of the framework available for States in the context of disasters and climate change.