Certificate Programme in Disaster Management   


Ibrahim Boukari Issa
Cohort 13,Year 2019
“ The course ware is very relevant to my profession as I was introduced to new concepts related to DM.The readings are easy to understand but time intensive. “

Aliusha Benoit
Cohort 11,Year 2018
“ I have been working on recovery for more that 5 years and Module 6 opened my understanding of the process that we use.For me the course-ware was exceptional. I got the practice but I was needing the theory. “

Nelly Saiti Barasa
Cohort 13,Year 2019
“ The session notes are helpful in grasping concepts. Frequent reminders from IFRC-TISS team was helpful in meeting the assignment deadlines. “

Melanie Ogle
Cohort X,Year 2017
"I am enjoying the course very much, the reading and assignments are super interesting. Thanks to you and the rest of the team."

Violeta Lombarts
Cohort VIII,Year 2016
"In my point of view, the most valuable and useful aspects of the TISS DM Course are with academic methodology of analysing, contextualising and conceptualising of theories and data. They have been of great benefit in my work on analysing, managing and reporting on complex emergencies. Professional lecturers have been always available for comment and advice."

Kenneth Baato Rogers
Cohort II,Year 2013
UNOHCHR, Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Head of Sub-office Malakal, Upper Nile State
"Course allowed me to increase my understanding of the basics of the DM and gain the knowledge on the key theoretical concepts as well as existing approaches to the disaster management. I am now well equipped to continue deepening my DM knowledge through the field work and practice."

Krista Brandt
Cohort I,Year 2013
Finnish Red Cross
"The additional reading materials to support the introductions to the module are very useful and contribute significantly to understanding the issues. The topics chosen for each of the module are important especially to people engaged in their everyday lives in disaster management activities. The course was helpful, knowledge gained contributes to ones' career development and empowerment."

Christine Widmann
Cohort I,Year 2013
Austrian Red Cross
Place: Linz, Austria, Europe
"I have the feeling, I have learned already a lot and many very new things for me. As a member of the Red Cross I appreciate the context to the Red Cross in the modules. Thank you so much to the whole TISS Team for organizing the course and all your support. I appreciate all your work a lot. You are all doing a great job. Would be nice to visit you in India!!!"

Ba-Ana-Itenebe A. Cosmas
Cohort I,Year 2013
Peace & Community Security Expert, UNDP
Place: Malakal, South Sudan
"The overall learning experience has been great and deeply enhanced my knowledge thus far. I hope with my recommendations, my expectations at the end of the course would be achieved."
Mr. Anthony Onochie Umunna, Cohort III

Ms. Sonia Judith Hernandez Morales, Cohort III,
Programme Manager Ajuy - Philippines British Red Cross

Mr. Emmanuel Ntakirutimana, Cohort II,
Rwanda Red Cross