Certificate Programme in Disaster Management   

Module 3: Introduction to Hazards, Vulnerabilities and Disasters
4 Credits

The course introduces some of the key concepts of disaster management. It provides a foundation by analyzing these key concepts and examining their interrelationship. The basic idea here is that a discipline like disaster management, that draws from a range of other disciplines, such as engineering to medicine and from physical to social sciences; disaster management professional must have conceptual clarity on these basic concepts. Further, this course is designed to enable the learner to gain an understanding of specific recurrent hazards such as earthquake, landslides, cyclones, tsunami, etc. and develop the ability to scrutinize the underlying notion of what is considered a hazard and what is a disaster from a various theoretical perspectives. With the basic concepts and the phenomenon behind many natural and anthropogenic hazards, the module will guide the participant to develop the ability for undertaking hazard assessment, vulnerability, and risk assessment.