Tata Institute of Social Sciences
International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Selection Process

A selection committee comprising of members from TISS and IFRC will select up to 50 qualified including bursaries participants for each Cohort of this course based on merit and relevance.

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree or the overseas equivalent, although each application is judged on its own merits and exceptions to this entry requirement may be made for deserving candidate.

Important Dates
  • Application Process for Cohort XXI starts from 27th March, 2023,

  • The last date for bursary application for Cohort XXI extended to 13th May, 2023 2359 HRS IST (GMT+05:30 HRS).

  • Last date for general Cohort XXI applications is 10th June, 2023 2359 HRS IST (GMT+05:30 HRS).

  • Cohort XXI commencement 19th June, 2023.
Guidelines for SOP

Your statement of purpose should include:

  • Details of your relevant professional and educational background, including your personal objectives and plans for the future.

  • Reasons for your interest in disaster management

  • How your participation will benefit you, your institution/organization and the course.
Key questions that your SOP should answer
  • How did you become interested in this field?

  • What experiences have contributed toward your preparation for further study in this field?

  • What are your research interests?

  • How are you a 'match' for the programme to which you are applying? Explain what attracts you most to the institution/program to which you are applying.

  • In case of bursary application, justify your need for financial assistance.
Documents Required

    We expect the following documents to be attached with the form to consider the application for scrutiny and further process:

    • SOP (Check Guidelines for SOP) including bursary justification (if applying for bursary)
    • Resume
    • Recent reference letters (Check guidelines for Reference letters)
    • Highest Degree/ Certificate attained
    • IFRC/RCRC/ICRC affiliation (Only for candidates related with IFRC/RCRC/ICRC)
    • Financial/Income Certificate (Mandatory for Bursary candidates)


    Highest Degree/Certificate

    Transcript of the highest degree or certificate completed to be attached in the form. A transcript is a mark sheet/grade sheet issued by the institute where the applicant has attained his/her graduate degree from, describing the marks/grades obtained. In case this mark sheet/grade sheet is in a language other than English, it needs to be translated and validated by the competent authority of the same institute

    Reference Letters

    • Need to be written on the letter head of the respective organisation/institution where the applicant presently works/studies, or was working/studying.

    • By the employer/ line manager/ immediate supervisor of the organisation where the applicant is currently placed or was working with in past.

    • On a recent date, presented precisely and professionally.

    • They should mention applicant's skills and abilities and comment upon applicant's suitability for the programme and their capacity for combining part-time studies with work related duties

    • Applicants currently pursuing full time/ part time programmes can submit the reference letters written either by Head of the Department, or the Dean, or any Professor of respective institute.

    • In case you are applying for bursary, your references letters should support your bursary requirements.

    IFRC/RCRC/ICRC affiliation
  • Applicable for members, volunteers and staff of IFRC/RCRC/ICRC only. Trainings programme conducted by IFRC/RCRC/ICRC do not indicate that the applicant is members, volunteers and staff of IFRC/RCRC/ICRC. Please note Joining letter, salary statement from competent authority or Identity proof with photograph and year of affiliation will be considered.