Tata Institute of Social Sciences
International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Why Join the IFRC-TISS Programme

Prepare yourself to work in the global humanitarian space with the course's blend of academic and practical approaches.

Prepare yourself as an agent of change by learning to build strong local responses and preparedness capacity.

Engage with the practical disaster response experience and knowledge of IFRC and TISS to address humanitarian response in a holistic and integrated manner.

The additional reading materials to support the introductions to the module are very useful and contribute significantly to understanding the issues. The topics chosen for each of the module are important especially to people engaged in their everyday lives in disaster management activities.
Kristina Brandt
Cohort I - 2013

I am enjoying the course very much, the reading and assignments are super interesting. Thanks to you and the rest of the team
Melanie Olge
Cohort X - 2017

The most valuable and useful aspects of the TISS DM Course are with academic methodology of analysing,contextualising and conceptualising of theories and data. They have been of great benefit in my work on analysing,managing and reporting on complex emergencies.
Violeta Lombarts
Cohort VIII - 2016